What is the best Nioxin hair products for you?

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What is the best Nioxin hair products for you?

Nioxin is the haircare range that comes to the rescue if you are experiencing hair loss, thinning or a decrease in hair density. It uses advanced technologies that are specially designed for both men and women to boost thickness, leaving hair fuller looking with a gorgeous shine.

Eva Graham is the brains behind the brand who also suffered herself with hair loss. She saw the scalp as an extension of the face and thought we should care for it the same. Extra care is important as it helps to maintain a healthy scalp function and a youthful appearance.

  • Amplify hair texture and protect against damage or break 
  • Restore moisture balance 
  • Increase thickness of each strand of hair to give a fuller look 
  • Removes sebum, oils and environmental residues that block the hair follicles allowing for better hair growth

Nioxin created a 3-part routine which is very simple to follow. It starts with the Cleanser Shampoo, then Scalp Revitaliser which is your conditioner and then finishes with the Scalp and Hair Treatment. There is 6 different categories depending on your hair condition. Below I have explained it in more detail to help you get the perfect fit for you and your hair!

System 1: For natural hair with light thinning

System 1 is for hair that has not been coloured before and is showing signs of light thinning. It strengthens the hair from the inside out and reduces hair loss due to breakage.

System 2: For natural hair with progressed thinning

This is for hair that would be ‘virgin’ hair (not coloured) and have more visible thinning. This system provides you with thicker, fuller locks with a healthy shine. It gives protection for every hair strand to guard against damage.  

System 3: For coloured hair with light thinning

System 3 is perfect for anyone that colours their hair and has signs of the hair becoming thinner. This system provides moisture balance and colour protection while increasing the thickness of the hair. Your hair is left shiny with a vibrant colour.

System 4: For coloured hair with progressed thinning

This system is best suited for someone who colours their hair and has noticeable thinning. System 4 helps you to achieve a thicker, fuller looking barnet while maintaining moisture balance. It also provides colour protection to keep the vibrancy of your hair colour.

System 5: For chemically treated hair with light thinning

Nioxin is for anyone who chemically treats their hair, bleaches, perms or straightens and has subtle thinning. System 5 removes any build up on the scalp, volumizes hair texture and restores moisture levels.

System 6: For chemically treated hair with light thinning

System 6 for is perfect to help rescue hair that has been chemically treated, bleached, permed or straightened. It provides a refreshed scalp environment for denser, smoother looking hair.

Top Tips:

  1. Most Nioxin products contain SPF 15 which is great for providing UV protection for your hair
  2. It is recommended to use Nioxin products daily for best results. If you don’t wash your hair everyday, try 2/3 times a week with your chosen shampoo and conditioner but use the scalp treatment daily as a booster to stimulate hair growth.
  3. Nioxin should be used for a period of 6 weeks in order to start seeing results. You may notice a difference before this, but 6 weeks is generally enough time to give the product a chance to work!

*Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding

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