Discover Your Skin Type For Glowing Skin

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Discover Your Skin Type For Glowing Skin

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

It’s important to know your skin type as this allows you to use the correct skincare solutions for your skin and it's condition. This will get you on the path to healthy, gorgeous skin in no time!

Sometimes it would be easier to find a needle in a haystack than trying to find the correct product for your skin. As it’s an absolute mine field out there, I’ve made it easier by breaking it down into small sections for you to help you decide…

Your skin type is decided by genetics. You are unable to intrinsically change your skin type but you can improve or transform your skin by giving it what it needs most -for example, hydration for dry skin. Your skin type can however change overtime if there are varied levels of sensitivity or oil and water content in the skin. These would only be due to things like age, environmental factors or hormones (eg. pregnancy or menopause).

Your main skincare products that you use daily like cleansers, toners and moisturisers should be based around your skin type and add ons like exfoliators, masks, serums etc can be used to treat your skin condition. These add ons you will then change up depending on how your skin is progressing or what it needs feeding at the time to help improve its overall health and appearance (eg. after a sun holiday, your skin may be more hydrated).

Many, many people are using incorrect skincare. For example, when dealing with acne and oily skin, most of us will reach for a product that is drying thinking if you remove every drop of oil on the skin, it will help to clear up in the spots! Many of these can be very strong and be stripping the skin way too much, causing even more skin issues. Acneic skin can be sensitive and sore at times, with lots of inflammation and would benefit more from a routine that is calming, nourishing and balancing.  

Though, I do always think that if you have found something that works for your skin, stick to it like glue! On the other hand, if not, keep on experimenting until you find that perfect product! Sample or travel-sized products are ideal to use for a trial and error basis.

Issues like dehydration, pigmentation, dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, crepiness, loss of elasticity… These are your SKIN CONDITION which is something that you really can work on using amazing skincare products, diet and lifestyle. For example, when you have a hormonal breakout your period, you don’t need to change your whole routine to treat the spots the same as you would with an acneic skin. You would simply change up the “treatment” skin solutions (masks, serums, exfoliators etc)

Below are the different skin types. Where do you fit in?

  • The skin will be fragile
  • On the cheeks, there will be visible signs of redness or blotchiness 
  • Your skin may react to products or cosmetics by being itchy or feeling like its burning 
  • In some cases, your skin can feel itchy even without any product
  • Skin may feel rough in texture