How To Double Cleanse Like a Pro

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How To Double Cleanse Like a Pro

I'll let you in on a little professional salon secret here... 


What is it?

The path to glowing, healthy skin all starts with the prep part ( the cleanse ) of your routine. I’d almost argue that it’s the most important step. The trick is not just to cleanse once but TWICE! Why?

With over 20,000 pores in the face, it’s crucial we are looking after and cleansing our skin properly for healthy skin function.

⭐ The first cleanse is to remove makeup, suncream and surface dirt. It should be done with an oil, or oil based cleanser, which can also be called a pre-cleanse. A cleansing mitt or balm can be used for this step either. If you wear very heavy makeup with setting sprays, you may need to repeat this step.

⭐ The second cleanse is to cleanse deeper into the skin removing any impurities, oils or sweat. As there is now no barrier from makeup etc, it can now work a lot more effectively. It should be done with a water based or cleanser that it suitable for your skin type or whatever skin issue you are trying to work on. For example, if your skin is dry, you will want to reach for cleansers that are hydrating or soothing. When the skins barrier is repaired, any sensitivity will subside.

Who is it for?

Every skin type can benefit from a double cleanse – from oily to sensitive, although certain skin types may find it more beneficial than others.


- If you have oily skin, using two gentle cleansers is a whole lot better to give the skin an effective cleanse rather than using a stronger cleanser than may be stripping the skin, leaving it feeling dry.

- For people with acne-prone skin, it provides a deep clean to help remove dirt, bacteria and excess oils that can build up on the skin causing blockages, which in turn leads to spot and blackheads.

- It leaves dull skin looking brighter, fresher and revitalised.



How to Double Cleanse like a Pro

- Massage the oil cleanser into the skin for a minute making sure to cover your whole face. Remember to go right up to the hairline, and under the jawline as these are areas we tend to forget. After a minute, wet hands and massage over the face, adding more water as you go to emulsify the product. You'll know it has emulsified as it will turn milky in appearance. This also means that your skin will not be left with an oily feeling as the oil cleanser will now easily wash off with warm water.

- For the second cleanse, massage your water- based cleanser again into the skin for a minute, focusing on any areas of congestion or the T zone where we tend to get a bit oiler. You can use a facial brush like Eve Taylor Facial Skin Brush to enhance your cleanse further for an even deeper cleanse. Remove with warm water.

*Make sure to use warm water when cleansing, not hot water as this may cause inflammation or aggravation in the skin.

We do want to avoid overwashing too as this will only just lead to excess oils, dryness or irritation. In this case, try changing your cleanser to find a more rebalancing one.

You only really need to double cleanse in the evening time as one cleanse in the morning is enough to remove any oils that would have surfaced on the skin overnight.

If you want, you can use the same cleanser twice as an alternative but trust me, once you start double cleansing you’ll never look back!

What’s your cleansing routine look like?