Do You Really Need to Use a Toner?

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Do You Really Need to Use a Toner?

Toners are one of the more overlooked products in skincare routines, but they can be one of the most versatile products in your beauty cupboard. If you aren’t already using a toner, here’s why you need to add to add one into your daily skincare ritual:

Post-Cleansing Refresher

After cleansing, your skin might still have lingering impurities. Wiping your favourite Eve Taylor toner over your skin using a cotton pad can remove any residual dirt and impurities that your cleanser might have missed. 

Also, toners help in balancing the skin’s natural pH levels, which is vitally important for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. This step ensures your skin is fully prepped for the next part of your skincare routine.

Pre-Moisturising Spritz

Before applying moisturiser and after applying your Eve Taylor serum, mist toner over your skin to create a damp surface that allows your moisturiser to absorb more effectively. It helps to plump up your skin, ensuring that the moisturizer penetrates deeply and provides maximum hydration. The dampness from the toner also helps in locking in the moisture, making your skin look fresher and more supple.

Hello Dewy Makeup!

Toners aren’t just for skincare! — they can also be added to your makeup routine for a fresh and dewy look. After applying your makeup in the morning, spritzing toner over your finished look not only keeps your makeup looking fresh throughout the day but also gives your skin a refreshed and healthy glow. The gentle mist of toner also helps to blend your makeup together into the skin making it the perfect addition to your lunchtime top up makeup routine.

Cooling Body Mist

On hot and humid Summer days, there is nothing better than a refreshing spritz of toner across the face, neck and chest for an instant cooling effect. The cooling sensation of the toner can also help to soothe any redness or irritation caused by the heat. 

The Eve Taylor Purifying Toner is great post shower after the gym to prevent body acne – A quick spritz on the chest and upper back will keep them pesky blackheads at bay!

Hydration Booster

In environments where the air is dry, like heavily air-conditioned offices, your skin can quickly become dehydrated - Dehydrated skin brings a whole new host of skin issues! A quick spritz of toner throughout the work day can help fight this dryness by maintaining your skin’s natural moisture levels. 

The little boost in hydration allows your skin to still feel comfortable and looking healthy while preventing the tight and flaky feeling that often comes with dry air. All of Eve Taylor London’s toners come in 50ml bottles which makes them perfect handbag sizes to bring to work or a pretty addition to your office desk!

Choosing the Right Toner for Your Skin Type

It’s important to choose the right toner for your skin type to unlock the full potential of this skincare gem.

For Oily skinEve Taylor Purifying Toner is jammed with Witch Hazel and Lavender. These have an astringent effect while also calming inflamed breakouts. Lavenders highly anti-septic properties help fight the bacteria which can lead to breakouts.

For Dry skin, opt for hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin. The Eve Taylor Dynamic Hydrating Toner is bursting with Hyaluronic Acid - a non-exfoliating acid that can hold up to a 1000x its own weight in moisture. Hyaluronic Acid intensively hydrates the top layers of the skin where it plumps up the cells softening fine lines and wrinkles and leaving skin silky smooth.

If there is one brand that does Sensitive skin well, its Eve Taylor London with their Ultra Soothing Range – The Eve Taylor Ultra Soothing Toner not only imparts moisture but also aids in relieving redness and irritation too. Sensitive skins loves Chamomile and Aloe Vera!

The Eve Taylor London Toners come with a convenient spray nozzle, making them easy to use in all of the ways I mentioned above.

Never underestimate the power of a good toner - They are a very multifunctional product that can enhance every step of your skincare and makeup routine. By incorporating the right toner into your daily routine, you can achieve healthier, more radiant skin! 

Have I convinced you to add one to your morning routine yet?