Correct Portion Control for Your Skincare Products

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Correct Portion Control for Your Skincare Products

Do you know how much product you should be using?

Being told to “slather”, “dab” or “spread” your creams can be ultra confusing at the best of times when you are unsure of how much to apply!

Sometimes overloading with too much product can be too heavy for your skin just as using too little might not give you the great results you’re after. As a general guideline…


- Roughly the size of a 20p coin

Use your cleanser both morning and evening to remove dirt and impurities. Use upward circular motions all over the face, including the neck and decollete.


-      - Roughly size of a 5p or 20p coin

Depending on your skin type this can be done 2-3 times a week and once for sensitive skin. If it’s a physical exfoliator (has tiny beads or granules), dampen hands and massage into the skin focusing on any areas of congestion such as around the nose, mouth, chin and forehead. Keep wetting your hands to provide more slip and glide.

If it’s a chemical exfoliator ( the use of enzymes or acids), these normally work like a masque so leave on the skin for the required length of time stated on the product.


-      - Depending on the type of mask – roughly size of 2p or £1 coin

Sheet mask: Pull out the packet and stretch it gently to fit around the eyes and mouth area. Scrape out any excess and work it down your neck and decollete to maximise usage.

Cream/Liquid mask: Can be applied with fingers, spatula or brush. Spread over the skin but avoiding over the eyes unless your mask is suitable for the delicate eye area.


-      - Roughly a pea sized amount

Press into the skin avoiding the eye area. You can take it down to the neck and decollete area too.

Eye Cream:

-       - Pea sized amount

Apply around the brow bone with the ring finger to avoid dragging the skin and it will soak into the areas that the delicate skin needs it most.


-      - Roughly size of 2p

To include the neck and decollete, massage in upwards motions over the skin, leaving out the eyes

Are you getting the most from your products?